Say Goodbye to Self-Imposed Suffering

“Problems are not caused by circumstances. They are caused by the way you think about your circumstances.”

Sunny Massad, Ph.D.

self-imposed suffering

The mind has a tendency to obsess over mistakes of the past…

Say Goodbye to Self-Imposed Suffering – Step 1 of “How to Create an Awesome Legacy.”

Let’s face it: always being on your way to a better “you” is an exhausting pursuit! So the idea of creating an awesome legacy has to do with coming to realize how much you have already accomplished rather than focusing on all that you have left to pursue.

The objective is to break old habits so that you can consistently live a life that you feel proud to be living.

Although the mind has a tendency to obsess over mistakes of the past or concerns about the future, over-thinking can cause us to feel physically and emotionally contracted. That contraction is nothing more than self-imposed stress!

To free yourself of unconscious habits that no longer serve you, a commitment to living a peaceful, stress-free life must be made. When you commit to keep your own stress to a minimum, it naturally follows that you will choose to make peace with people and situations that would otherwise push your buttons. You will begin to find creative and efficient ways to avoid getting caught up in dramas that you know will only suck you dry.

You wouldn’t haunt your friends with their painful memories or scare them with frightening scenarios about their futures. So why do that to yourself? Treat yourself at least as well as you treat your friends. You can learn to let go and move on by saying things like, “That’s just the way (he, she or it) is,” “Don’t take it personally,” “Just agree to disagree,” or “It’s not worth stressing over!”


How do you need to think during and after painful interactions in order to keep yourself cool and calm? What can you tell yourself when you begin to worry so that you can let it go?

Create an intention to live without stress and then practice living by that intention each day because almost nothing is worth sacrificing your health or wellbeing!