(2) How To Tackle Your Fears Head On!

Women tend to protect themselves with personality masks

Women tend to protect themselves with personality masks…

How To Tackle Your Fears Head On! – Step 2 of  “How to Create an Awesome Legacy.”

Many women attempt to hide their fears when they are “out in the world” doing business. This is partly because when women entered the workplace, they had to adapt to environments that were already male-dominated.  Back in the 1980’s, for example, women went so far as to cut their hair short and wear pant suits with wide shoulder pads so they would fit in and also avoid sexual harassment.

There is no question that women have different emotional needs than men do.  Women who want to become certified life coaches need to obtain tools that will help them identify and resolve fears; not shove them under the rug.  Unfortunately, however, many of the established life coaching schools that have been around for a long time teach life coaching skills that were originally designed as leadership skills for male management. Sunny Massad created this online life coaching training for women because women naturally bring empathetic skills to their leadership styles.

Most life coaching schools still teach the “no fear” style of leadership that is prominent in the business culture today without even realizing that their “no fear” stance implies that being afraid is equivalent to being cowardly. Students who graduate from those life coaching schools then end up with coaching clients who have been advised to hide their fears and feelings of inadequacy during their coaching sessions, which ultimately sabotages their sense of self-confidence.  This is not only detrimental to the coaching client but also to the life coach because the client will most likely never return! If you are a woman who wants to create a successful coaching business, find a life coaching training for women whether it is an online life coach training or a live life coach training.  When a life coach learns how to address their female clients’ fears rather than repressing them, confidence arises and you will end up with clients who will want to return again and again.


Life Coaching Training for Women Teaches You How to Tackle Your Fears

The Women’s Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching (WLICC) is the only one of the many life coaching schools on the web that teaches conscious coaching skills designed specifically for women who want to learn to be life coaches.  Our certified life coaches learn  the sound sciences behind life coaching, based on motivational psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and positive psychology.

While most life coaching schools teach goal setting skills, they don’t necessarily address the root issues that prevent people, but especially women, from attaining their goals in a graceful manner that is devoid of anxiety.  Our online coaching training for women teaches students how to tackle each fear head on so that solutions can be implemented to create a future that feels more comfortable and fulfilling. As a student life coach you will first learn to recognize and deal with your own fears with regard to life coaching itself.  By confronting these fears in our certified life coach training classes, our graduates  learn how to deal with a client’s disempowering thoughts such as: “What if I can’t catch up with my bills?” or “What if I can never find another partner?”

So when a woman learns life coaching in our online coach training, all of her doubts about learning life coaching skills will be personally addressed by her faculty mentor who serves as a life coaching role model. As the student works through her own fears about learning how to life coach and consult, she will learn how it feels to be the client, which will facilitate her understanding of how to work with her clients once she becomes a certified life coach.


Do You Scare Yourself with “What if’s?”

How do you scare yourself from learning the life coaching skills that could either enhance your career (by increasing your options for advancement) or allow you to become a certified life coach with a private practice of your own? Do you ask yourself “What if” questions that end in scary thoughts?  If you ask yourself a “What if” question “like, “What if I pay all that tuition money for this online coach training but don’t have the discipline to get through this training on my own?” you would need to have solutions to ensure that you are successful.


Consider these solution-oriented responses to the question above:

  • “I will have a personal faculty mentor if I go with this online coach training which will be like having my own life coach.  I could tell her about my fears and ask her to help me to establish an effective routine.”
  • “I could figure out how much it would cost me per week in tuition to take this life coach training because being aware of the cost per week ($233) would keep me motivated to get my money’s worth each week.”
  • “I could figure out how much money I could earn in my spare time if I actually completed the life coach training and got certified as a life coach.  That would undoubtedly inspire me to finish the life coach training!”
  • “I could take the online life coach training with a girlfriend so we could help keep each other motivated to graduate as certified life coaches.”
  • Get the idea?  Now face each of your “what if” fears. What could you do to either prevent your worst fears from happening or to resolve your fears  altogether so that you can transform your dream to become a certified life coach into a reality?