(3) Making Peace with Yourself Just as You Are

Making peace with yourself just as you are

Making peace with yourself just as you are

Making Peace with Yourself Just as You Are – Step 3 of “How to Create an Awesome Legacy.”

Have you noticed that the more you focus on improving yourself, the more you find to improve? The desire to fix parts of ourselves stems from feeling that where we are right now does not measure up to our own high standards that we hold for ourselves. While it is perfectly natural and healthy to have high standards, the desire to be different than you are right now can rob you of the opportunity to feel true peace of mind.

Although most women have the idea that it takes work to evolve, transformation does not require effort as much as it requires a love and appreciation of life. If what you want keep you from appreciating who you already are and what you already have, focus on all that you can be grateful for.

 It is perfectly healthy to look forward to a positive future. But unless you are deeply grounded in the present, the habit of endlessly pursuing more may have a tendency to distract you from appreciating your journey along the way. So love your life as it is and release the judgements that you have about yourself because the deepest relaxation you will ever feel occurs when you are at peace in your world. And, ironically, transformation occurs easily and effortlessly when you are happy and fulfilled.

  • What is the high standard that you hold for yourself?
  • If you were to evoke all of the qualities that you aspire to embody, if you were to actually be all that you wish that you were, right now, in this very moment, could you relax into appreciating all that you do and all that you are?
  • What do you have to be grateful for?
  • What are you proud of?
  • What can you commit to doing to ensure that you have more serenity in your life?