Could You Pursue a Life Coach Career?

s686592812_2583083_5862780Are you the type of woman who could pursue a career as a life coach? In my experience as a life coach, author, and teacher, there are two types of women in the world: those who say a resounding Yes! to life and those who merely show up; the “shoulder-shruggers.” My students are generally the Yes! type; sporting a zest for life, a vital sense of humor, and an enthusiastic curiosity about the mysteries of existence. Women with a Yes! personality are ideally suited to become “solopreneurs” because they love the freedom that comes from having their own life coaching practice: the freedom to book the type of clients they want to work with; the freedom to work the hours they choose to work; the freedom to charge whatever they feel is fair; but most importantly, help those who struggle say Yes! to life as well.

Yes! sayers takes responsibility to make the best of the hands they are dealt, while shoulder-shruggers do not believe they can do or get what they want in life. They either don’t know how or don’t believe they can manifest their dreams. As a life coach your very focus will be to support others to realize their goals, one step at a time.

Here’s a list of qualities that identify a successful life coach. How many of these qualities do you think you possess?

  1. You are naturally caring;
  2. You want to make a difference in the lives of others;
  3. You feel a strong calling to serve;
  4. You are a good listener;
  5. You are naturally inclined toward entrepreneurship;
  6. You are enthusiastic;
  7. You are a good talker;
  8. You have an inclination to teach;
  9. You are a natural problem solver;
  10. You are independent;
  11. You are excited about being paid to do what you love;
  12. You enjoy using social media.

If you don’t exhibit all of these qualities, don’t worry. We have turned shoulder-shruggers into Yes! sayers. Faculty and staff will help you build all the qualities that you need to become adept at counseling.

Here are five steps to take to identify the best life coach school for you:

  1. Locate a life coach school that excites you and that understands your needs;
  2. Make sure that the life coaching school you consider will meet your schedule;
  3. Ensure that the school will give you the support and personal attention you require;
  4. Be sure to choose a school that has a teacher with advanced degrees in psychology;
  5. Make sure that the testimonials posted on a life coach school’s website are from graduates who have launched successful private practices!

Of course, I have made every effort to ensure that the Women’s Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching not only conforms, but excels beyond each of the five steps identified above.  There are many mediocre life coach schools that generate mediocre life coaches that can’t make a “go” of it.  My intention is to provide the best education you can possibly get so that you can be successful beyond your wildest dreams!

If you need more information about the Women’s Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching, take a look at our FAQ pages. And if you have personal questions, call me at (808) 842-6611 for a free, no hype, phone consultation.

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Yes! to your success!