Summertime And The Livin’ Is… Not Meant To Be Stressful!

summertime song no stress

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Summer? I’ll bet it’s not stress! Yet so many people burn themselves out trying to fit in time to play during the Summer months that they tend to exhaust themselves.

Work addiction, overeating, depression, anger, escapism, and substance abuse are just a few of the destructive ways in which we act out the emotional distress that has come to displace the simple joys of being alive. If you run on caffeine, suffer from sleep disruption, find it difficult to remember details, or feel too tired to get out and enjoy moving your body, you may very well be experiencing the ill effects of burnout.

The remedy is to make a solid commitment to put your own well-being ahead of, or at least equal to, efficiency and productivity so that you can enjoy the more human dimensions of life again. Don’t let your leisure time fall by the wayside.

In the spirit of self-care, maintain the physical, mental and emotional equilibrium this Summer by:

  • Scheduling playtime
  • Taking yourself out for a walk
  • Ensuring that you get enough sleep
  • Consuming enough nourishing food and water to keep yourself properly fueled so you don’t head down that oh, so familiar road of self-neglect.

If you have ever been on a downward spiral, you know that it can be difficult to reverse. It is certainly not useful to overwhelm yourself with more lists of “to do’s” or to shame yourself for not doing what you wish you would do for yourself. Try to ensure, instead, that you do not sacrifice your soul to people and activities that suck you dry.

If you are not in the habit of scheduling “down time,” nurturing friendships with people who make you laugh, and moving your body enough to offset the pressures of daily life, re-prioritize your activities this Summer. Taking just a little time to rejuvenate yourself will keep your energy levels high so that you can keep up with the long days of Summer, replenish your sense of humor, and alleviate some of that stress!