Why I Took This Life Coach Training THREE Times

jessie-mowryBy:  Jessie Mowry
graduate and faculty member of WLICC

You know that old saying, “Once just isn’t enough”? Well, this was certainly the case for me when waking up to my true self meant breaking deeply cemented habits.

Before I became a counselor I was a patient of psychotherapy for nearly 15 years. While in therapy I gained profound insights about my issues, however I also discovered that repeating the horrors of my story over and over, never quite left me with the feeling that my issues were resolving.

Inevitably I hit a therapeutic plateau for talking about my past. It became painfully obvious that repeating my history over and over was not allowing me to live freely without therapy. I remember the somber realization that telling my story had become an exhaustive crutch for me, a weekly dependency, if you will.

I wasn’t initially intending to build a career in counseling when I discovered The Women’s Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching. In reality, I was drawn to the school’s concept of being able to learn wellness counseling skills, become certified in coaching, and all of this without requiring that I have a college degree.

But when I discovered that I could remain in the training for as long as I needed, I immediately took advantage of it! For example, when I got to the end of studying Track 1 and needed to refresh the material, I was allowed to go back through and repeat it again at no extra cost.

The first time I took the course I learned to take accountability for my thoughts, my behaviors, and the choices I had been making. I was totally turned on to develop new psychological skill sets because they were actually enabling me to finally create the life I had always wanted.

The second time I took the course I went into it with the intention of refining the counseling skills I had learned. Even though I recognized the course material, I was still breaking deeply ingrained habits and felt nowhere near being capable of guiding others to do the same. As I graduated for the second time, I found that I could conduct my personal and business relationships with more confidence, ease, grace, and clarity.

The third round of classes is what took it all home for me. I really knew the material by this time, but now I wasn’t needing to focus the attention all on me anymore. In this round I focused on mastering how to show others ways to move out of self-perpetuated drama and into self-actualization and personal freedom.

You don’t need to take this course three times, the way that I did in order to feel like you’ve understood the material, but you could if you wanted to, and it wouldn’t cost you anything more than the initial tuition fee. For me, it was the best decision I could have made. I am so glad to have discovered that a counselor lived inside of me! Under my “sad story” existed a perfectly capable and strong woman with much to offer.

Because I can use my counseling skills on myself any time that I need to, using these skills in my daily life and in my career has had an amazingly positive impact not only on my own personal and professional life but on the lives of my clients who have experienced their own personal transformations through this work.

If you are considering taking a life coach training, I can attest that this one will be profoundly transformational in ways you cannot even imagine yet!