Why we Teach Positive Psychology

Have you ever heard of the resilience of the human spirit? It refers to people who experience pain and heartache but develop characteristics like strength and endurance, not in spite of their adversities, but as a direct result of them. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity.

The Women’s Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching teaches our students how to utilize positive psychology to help their clients to build resilience. We utilize positive psychology to help our clients to reframe their uncertainties about the future so that they can be faced with optimism and curiosity instead of fear and trepidation. Helping people to experience their adversities as opportunities to grow, supports them to persevere by tapping into their innate resilience.

When a client finds herself in a situation where people, events, or circumstances outside of their control are throwing her out of balance, a good coach won’t enable her to complain or feel victimized for too long because although it is healthy to take some time to vent feelings, staying stuck in a problem state can also perpetuate feelings of hopelessness and disempowerment. It is more compassionate, effective, and efficient to steer that client into the one thing that she CAN control; her own attitude and behavior. Bringing a seemingly out-of-control situation back into the realm of manageability is a game changer. The coach serves in the role of a mentor as she helps her client to generate a game plan and implement a timeline, and then she serves as an accountability partner as she supports her client to implement and execute that action plan to completion. The utilization of positive psychology is empowering for the client and empowering for the coach, as well.

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