About Us

About Us

“The most astounding part about taking this online life coach training was the personal transformation that unexpectedly happened to me! I set out to learn skills that could help others and got the extra bonus of being able to apply those skills to my own life.”

This Online Life Coach School for Women Teaches Students HOW to Empower Others (without reverting to giving advice)

The Women’s Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching llc (WLICC) is an online life coach certification school specifically geared toward women. This web-based life coach training is taught as a distance learning experience through the use of pre-recorded video and audio lectures so students can learn at their own pace at whatever time of the day or night that best suits them.

Sunny Massad’s 25-years of counseling experience, along with her experience as a teacher provides each student with a rare opportunity to be personally mentored by her on a one-to-one basis. As your mentor, she will  give helpful commentary on each practice life coaching session you give and will customize the training to individually suit your values and career goals. Email correspondence is answered within hours and one-on-one telephone, FaceTime, or Skype calls are held with Sunny are available whenever the student chooses to have contact other than email).

If you are looking to enhance or change your career, contribute to the evolution of others, and earn a healthy income as a certified life coach or consultant, attending this online life coach school that is specifically designed for women may very well be the best decision you ever make.

How to Ensure that You Have a Successful Life Coaching Career 

There is no question that life coaching as a career is an innovative way to earn a living! But becoming certified as a life coach at WLICC can also be a deeply transformative experience because each life coaching student is mentored to master the very life skills that she will ultimately teach to others.

Whether you are an adult mid-career woman ready to embark on a new career, a mother seeking a way to earn an extra income, a retiree seeking to give back to the community, a psychology student with entrepreneurial spirit, or a woman in transition, this life coach training will ensure that you learn everything you need to know to become successful as a certified life coach or consultant.

Our life coach school trains women to become certified life coaches and consultants with specializations that are based on their own life experiences. Choosing a specialization affords graduates an opportunity to niche market which can greatly increase their earning potential.

We customize the training experience to meet the needs of each student whether they wish to coach full-time or part-time, teach seminars, conduct webinars, or use the leadership skills to obtain managerial positions. Having a life coach certification from the Women’s Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching is a plus on any resume.

What You Will Learn in This Women’s Online Coach Training 

We are the only life coach certification school in the world that teaches our student life coaches to use the UnTherapy system of conscious coaching. UnTherapy, a trademarked system of positive psychology, was developed by psychologist and author, Sunny Massad, Ph.D. It is a unique model that will provide you with the practical tools you’ll need to help you to help others. You will learn how to break free of early life conditioning, transform fearful thinking, improve self-discipline, stop self-sabotage, strategically plan, change behaviors, and attain a balanced life.

If you want to distinguish yourself from the sea of male-dominated life coaching systems, this wellness-oriented method stands out from the crowd. Unlike other life coach trainings that primarily teach goal-setting and analytical skills, we encourage our students to tap into their natural empathy toward others and their women’s intuition. You will learn how to fine tune those traits in TRACK I: “Learn How to Coach and Consult.”  Then, in TRACK II: “How to Start, Run, and Market a Private Practice as a Life Coach,” you will learn the practical skills necessary to ensure your success as a certified life coach. While other “run-of-the-mill” life coach schools often use hype and hard-sell tactics, our approach honors each student’s mission, vision, and values by teaching how to market in a way that doesn’t feel like a slimy sales ploy!

Earn a Healthy Income on Your Own Terms

If you dream of earning a healthy income during a time frame that fits your hectic schedule, we welcome you!

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