Life Coach Training Program
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The online registration process is designed to ensure a good match between the applicant and the Women’s Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching. Qualification for registration is simple and easy, and based on a student’s ability to work independently, articulate clearly, and exhibit a passion to work empathetically with others.

Women’s Online Life Coach Training

Applicants seeking admission must:

1. Be at least 18 years old.
2. Possess a positive attitude, a generosity of spirit and a strong desire to serve.
3. Be a self-reflective, responsible self-starter.
4. Possess an entrepreneurial spirit (if you plan to open a private practice).
5. Read the School Policies below.
6. Choose your payment plan.
7. Register.

register hereChoose Your Payment Plan to Register:

1.  ONE-PAYMENT TUITION PLAN TO STUDY WITH DR. MASSAD – $2,950 (a $550 discount off the Pay-As-You-Go option)
Within 10 days of registration, you will receive your texts and workbooks for both TRACK 1 and TRACK 2 in the mail. But you don’t have to wait! This payment & registration link will take you to the host site for access to all of your online training materials.

CLICK HERE to begin the registration process.

This 7-payment option is also available and will allow you to move through the training as fast as you can afford to go. Within 10 days of registration, you will receive your texts and the first Module of your Track 1 workbook in the mail. Each time you make a payment of $500, you will have full access to the next module online and within 5 days of payment, you will receive another Module from the workbook in the mail. When you make the 7th and last payment, you will receive the final Module of Track 1 workbook and graduate upon completion of that part of the course. Then, you will receive the Private Practice Entrepreneur Training Workbook in the mail as your bonus and can proceed through that part of the training in the same way as you did in Track 1, with the full support of your training mentor. But you don’t have to wait! This payment & registration link will take you to the host site for access to everything that you will need.

CLICK HERE to begin the registration process.

School Policies

Registration Confirmation, Textbooks, and Workbooks

You will immediately receive confirmation of registration. Then, your textbooks and workbooks will arrive by mail in separate packages within 10 days.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Women’s Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching llc welcomes diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnic origin. If a man wishes to take the training and does not mind receiving his life coach certification from the Women’s Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching llc, he is welcome.

Enrollment Cancellation Policy

All applicants may cancel enrollment prior to beginning the modules by submitting written notice to the Institute. If cancellation occurs within fourteen business days of enrollment and Module 1 has never been opened, tuition shall be reimbursed minus $150.

For applicants who paid in full, reimbursement minus $250 shall be given if the first module has been opened and minus $400 if the second module has been opened.

No reimbursements shall be granted once the first 2 modules have been opened but the student may remain admitted to the trainings at no cost for two years’ time from the acceptance date.

Obviously, if a student is expelled from the training for insubordination of any kind, refunds will not be granted.