Faq: How much do our certified life coaches earn?

How much do our certified life coaches earn?

how much can a graduate earnThe amount each graduate charges directly correlates to the demographic they choose to serve. We have a graduate who works under a tree on a beach in Hawaii with her and her client’s children happily playing nearby. She charges $65 per session and earns $60,000 per year.

We also have a graduate that charges $200 per session to women going through divorce proceedings. She works ten hours a week on a few evenings and Saturdays to earns an extra $8,000 per month.

Where you live, whether you decide to work out of your living room or in an office, and what you decide to specialize in will all be determining factors in what you end up charging.  Our faculty mentors helped our students to work through these decisions when they took Track 2: How to Start, Run, and Market a Private Practice as a Life Coach.

Our commitment wass to ensure that each student explores all options available to them. Some of those options might include creating ancillary income by selling related items to their practice like live workshops, online webinars, creating workbooks, holding support groups, making CD’s, and selling other products that relate to their specialization.

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