Faq: Pros and cons of studying life coach training online

Some pros and cons of taking our online UnTherapy life coach training program


Mobility – eLearning affords you the opportunity to learn anywhere that you can get online.

Freedom – You can log in any time you like and work for just a few minutes or for a number of hours at a time; whichever works better with your already busy schedule. You won’t have to be anywhere at any particular time to attend classes so you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to go at your own pace.

Focus – Our graduates report that they were able to focus better during this online life coach training than they would in a group program because they were not distracted by how other students were doing.

Fun – Logging on can feel like a game or a hobby because there are interesting videos to watch, riveting audios to listen to, and fun workbook documents to fill out as your vision gets clearer and clearer.

Coaching Support – Each online student is personally mentored by Sunny Massad who coaches her all the way through graduation, gives her feedback on the coaching sessions she gives to others, and provides ideas for starting and marketing her own practice. In addition, every student has access to telephone, Skype, or FaceTime conversations with Sunny Massad. Many women thrive in an environment that provides this kind of intimate support.

Buddy System Discount – Students each receive a $500 discount when they register to take this certification training with a friend. A buddy system provides not only a companion to share and discuss with but it also helps to keep you both moving toward graduation at a reasonable pace.


Low Motivation – If you don’t have a lot of discipline or motivation and you aren’t taking the course with a friend, you may be afraid that you will get distracted with other aspects of your life. Without a fixed schedule or routine, it can be difficult to get or stay motivated to finish the course in an efficient amount of time so that you can start to bring in some extra income. This is why each student is personally mentored by Sunny Massad to serve as your coach and accountability partner. She won’t push you faster than you can go, but she will support you to stay focused!

Techno Fears – If you feel even the slightest intimidation about learning or starting such a seemingly technological endeavor without a tutor, rest assured. We tested this training on women who had never taken an online training and meticulously adjusted everything to be extremely user-friendly. You can check it out by taking a test drive of the training.

Technical Glitches – As you spend time online, you may encounter technical issues, such as poor internet connections or other technical annoyances. For your benefit we have ‘on call’ tech support by phone, email and text! If you have other concerns about taking the online life coach training that weren’t mentioned, send us a request for a free phone consultation from the Contact link at the bottom of this page. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.


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• Some pros and cons of taking this online life coach training