What are the advantages of taking this life coach training online?

1. A student can get online during her own free time and take the course at a pace that is just right for her.

2. The student can get online any time of the night or day. She does not have to wait for a class to begin. The audio classes and videos of Sunny Massad giving example sessions to students are always accessible.

3. This training utilizes a “right brain” style of learning that is specifically geared toward intuitive and caring women who may feel that college is too mental and not experiential enough.

4. Women who are short on time often find that live trainings are an inefficient use of their time.

5. Students may practice on their friends and acquaintances to gain confidence in developing their skills.

6. Each student will get personalized feedback on all of the work that she hands in. (Work includes a specialized journaling technique, practice sessions on yourselves and others, multiple choice self-correcting quizzes based on the readings and lectures, and other self-reflective exercises that will help the student to get clearer and clearer about her own vision for how to use the skills she is learning.)


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