Faq: Why our graduates became certified life coaches instead of counselors?

Why become a certified life coach instead of a counseling psychologist?

become a certified life coach

Most life coaching clients are more interested in the results that they get from working with a coach than they do about the degrees or certifications their coach might have.

Traditional schools of psychology cost well over $100,000 and primarily teach students how to treat people that suffer from severe mental and emotional disabilities.

Students of both academic institutions and traditional life coach training programs often graduate having over-developed the logical and analytical parts of their minds, thus losing access to the very qualities they actually should have developed in order to become a great mentor: intuition, compassion, non-judgment, inspiration, and the ability to transform fear into confidence.

Additionally, and most importantly, whether students graduate with a degree in psychology or a certification from a life coaching school, it is essential that they are taught how to go into business for themselves if they plan to go into private practice. Many psychologists and life coaches who are very good with people, don’t have the training they need to become successful entrepreneurs.

Life Coaches help their clients to get and stay on track, earn more income, lose weight and a hundred other issues unrelated to traditional counseling and therapy.

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