Faq: Why did learning from a teacher with a Ph.D. in psychology matter?

What were the advantages of being personally mentored by a teacher with a Ph.D. in psychology?

“Most life coach teachers are self-taught and have no experience with psychology. Not only do most life coaching teachers not have even preliminary degrees in psychology, but they often have no degrees at all!” Dr. Sunny Massad, whose Ph.D. is in psychology, used a warm, casual, and often humorous approach to teaching the sound sciences of positive psychology, motivational psychology, mindfulness based cognitive theory, time management, stress reduction, personal responsibility, and even confidence building.

But that’s not the only thing that set Sunny Massad’s conscious life coaching method apart from other life coaching schools. “Our life coach students first used the skills they learn in school to transform their own lives before learning how to become peer mentors. The confidence that they gained from successfully learning how to execute and manage positive changes in their own lives enabled them to successfully help others to do the same once they became certified as life coaches. But in addition, we provided everything they needed to know to start, market, and run a successful private practice as a certified life coach or professional development consultant once they graduated from the Women’s Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching.”

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• Why does a teacher with a Ph.D. in psychology matter?

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