Faq: Why was life experience considered to have such value in life coaching?

Why did WLICC consider life experience to be of such great value in the life coaching profession?

The Women’s Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching considers life experience an essential component of coaching.

WLICC considers life experience to be an essential component of coaching.

Individuals who have endured profound life experiences can be exceptional counselors, coaches and consultants. In fact, many people seeking counseling today do not require the therapeutic skills of psychologists or psychiatrists because they simply long to get in touch with and manifest their heart’s desires. This requires self-reflection in the present, not story telling about the past. By learning and growing from their own mistakes, women are ideal candidates for becoming peer mentors who can assist others to move forward in areas where they may have once struggled.

Alcoholics Anonymous uses the model of peer mentoring by inviting those who are successful in the program to become sponsors to those who are just beginning. Those who endured the struggles of becoming and staying sober are, indeed, best suited to assist newcomers because they serve as trusted role models. Specializing in an area of life that you have intimate knowledge about cultivates the confidence that is needed to work with clients who have the same types of issues that you once endured.

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