What is unique about UnTherapy training and this WLICC online program in comparison to other life coach schools?

Conscious Life Coaching was designed for women who are ready to make a difference in the lives of others and get paid well for their service. Unlike the outdated model of advice-giving that is so often taught in life coaching schools, this is a value-driven model of Positive Psychology that is taught by a psychologist who understands that clients need to make their own decisions. We believe that raising the consciousness of the life coach herself is the best way to raise the consciousness of the clients she sees.  The Women's Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching (WLICC) life coach program is geared for women who value personal transformation more than merely setting and attaining goals.

We are different from other counselor, coach and consultant training schools.

We are different from other counselor, coach and consultant training schools.

Here are the ways we differ from other counselor, coach and consultant training schools:

1) WLICC is a self-paced online life coach certification training program for women. We certify women to become professional life coaches using an at-a-distance learning environment that caters to the students' schedules.  Depending on how fast a student moves through the program, our life coach graduates become certified as life coaches and consultants within 3-6 months.

2) WLICC is taught and operated by a female with educational degrees in psychology.  WLICC is one of the only life coaching school that is taught by a psychologist with over fifteen-years of teaching experience. Dr. Sunny Massad has taught life coaching, peer counseling, and professional consulting skills to women since 1999. She ran a successful private practice as a wellness counselor for over 25 years so is acutely aware of what type of life coaching services clients are willing to pay for. She has taught life coaching courses to hundreds of students -- a majority of whom have become successful life coaches and professional consultants with their own private practices.

3) We teach positive and motivational psychology based on sound science.   While there are certainly many life coaching schools that teach advice-giving, positive thinking, and even a subtle type of cheerleading, studies on the subject of motivation indicate that people don’t readily follow advice nor do they become successful through positive thinking techniques - not even when they pay for it! This is why the system of life coaching that is taught at WLICC is based in solution-oriented problem-solving. Our graduates learn how to help others to painlessly and efficiently move beyond old patterns of behavior. We teach Sunny Massad's system of UnTherapy, which includes cognitive behavioral psychology, positive psychology, self-hypnosis, and even meditation so that our life coaches learn an array of effective tools to use with their clients.

4) Our graduates become certified life coaches that specialize in UnTherapy. Sunny Massad's unique method of conscious life coaching stands out from other life coach schools because of our unique trademarked system of UnTherapy, based, in part, on Sunny Massad’s groundbreaking book UnTherapy: A Positive Psychology for Enlightened Living.

5) Every student is personally mentored by Dr. Sunny Massad. Each student is asked to practice her newly acquired life coaching skills on both friends and on herself. The student emails the notes that she takes during her sessions to her faculty mentor, Sunny Massad, who then emails the student personalized feedback about what went well, what else could have been done, and how to remain focused on the client's desired outcome.

6) Every student has personal access to twice-monthly Q and A or practice sessions with Dr. Sunny Massad. Unlike most coaching schools that don't offer one-on-one mentoring, our students have direct access to their teacher by email any time they reach out and also have an opportunity to speak to Sunny Massad twice a month by telephone, Skype or FaceTime.

7) We teach the Socratic Method because it empowers clients. Most coaching clients do not pay life coaches to give them advice. They might want a sounding board, help figuring out which direction to take, or an accountability partner that keeps them on track. Learning how to listen and steer a client toward their own answers produces the most benefit for the client but it also protects the life coach from liability. Our students learn how to ask empowering questions that elicit profound insights from their clients. Our objective is to help others to help themselves. This is a very different approach from other life coaching models who allow their students to spontaneously say whatever comes into their heads, create overwhelmingly ambitious plans that overwhelm their clients, and even use what we consider to be shame-inducing tactics to get their clients to take action. Clients generally hire life coaching services to inspire and motivate them — not to be lectured to or pushed in the way a sports coach might push an athlete! Our life coach students learn how to help their clients break habits, conjure self-confidence, and live more passionate lives!

8) Our graduates are ready for leadership positions. Students who are not certain whether they will actually decide to go into private practice with the life coaching skills they learn, whether they might decide to use their life coaching skills to advance in their existing careers, or whether they might use those skills to enhance their personal and professional relationships, all benefit from the leadership skills that they learn here.

9) We cater to students who value self-mastery. Based on the presumption that one cannot lead another beyond their own level of evolution, each training provided at the Women's Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching concentrates on the self-mastery of each student. In addition to teaching them the skills necessary to mentor others, this course is designed to mentor the student to get her own life in order before she begins helping other women to do the same. This way each life coach will be able to draw on her own experience so she can not only serve as a peer mentor, but also as a role model for her clients.

10) Our students graduate with a specialization. We help each student to figure out what to specialize in based on the challenges she has had to overcome in her own life. For example, stay-at-home Moms might do really well counseling other stay-at-home Mom’s. Women who suffered in relationships might decide to specialize in codependency or the joys of being single. Specializing in areas of life that the student feels confident in will ensure that she doesn't feel like a fraud when she begins her career as a certified life coach.

11) We believe in handling fears, not shoving them aside. Unlike the "no fear" and “just do it” style of coaching that male-oriented schools tend to teach, our students learn how to resolve fears - not deny or repress them. Women are naturally inclined to feel compassionate toward the suffering of others but sometimes just simply lack the skills to be able to successfully help themselves and others to resolve issues in an efficient and effective manner.

12) Our graduates receive personalized, customized career preparation. This online life coach certification training program includes an excellent course that teaches students how to start, run, and market a private practice. By graduation, each student has a grassroots marketing plan in place that is so aligned with their values that rather than feeling shy about marketing themselves, they feel compelled to share their ability to change lives with as many people as they can. Each student gets to determine how much she wants to work and how much she wants to earn. We customize both tracks to meet the needs of each particular student!

13) Students can attend classes any time, any place. You do not have to change your schedule, get a babysitter, or drive or fly anywhere to be at a certain place at a certain time to attend this online school. Simply log on anytime from anywhere to proceed at your own pace!


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