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Our Online Life Coach Training for Women

We couldn’t resist posting some of the testimonials from life coach training graduates that we have gathered at the Women’s Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching (WLICC): an online institute for life coach training that focuses on the natural inclinations of women.

Our Life Coach Training Graduate Testimonials & Reviews:

“Continuing my learning with The Women’s Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching was an enlightening experience. Dr. Sunny Massad’s balanced, practical approach is powerfully transforming! The development of knowledge and skills I acquired helped me to gain more positive insights and perspectives within myself and have been also been directly applicable in helping my own clients with their hidden life challenges. This has been a truly rare and valuable experience.”

Mary Ann Costantini, PhD, pdc/clc

“I’d been in the business of helping people for a long time before coaching came into fashion. Dr. Sunny Massad was a true find!  Her training is a beautiful combination of mind AND heart, with such a balanced approach to the reality of both body/mind and soul/spirit.  Her creation of a career path that embraces the wisdom of both realms of knowledge/experience is a blessing to the field.  Sunny is a wonderful human being and an excellent teacher. But the presence of her heart and soul is what completely sold me. I would recommend Sunny’s training to anyone.”
Ragini Elizabeth Michaels

“Sunny’s program was fundamental in teaching me to blend the head and the heart in a way that allowed me to help myself and my clients overcome obstacles and be able to live the lives we desire. Her teachings are practical, compassionate, and they work. I feel fortunate to have found her program and would highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in growing and being able to help others in their work.”

Z. Zoccolante

“I loved actually creating my business! There are so many things that need to be done and Track 2 guided me through each one and now that I am done, I HAVE MY BUSINESS”
Karin Cutler
Karin Cutler

“Despite all the education I already had in psychology, I found Sunny Massad’s work to be especially insightful. I use these learned skills with my clients and continually see the benefits of their process!”

linda-lesemLinda Lesem, M.A.

“Sunny’s life coaching training for women changed my life. My past no longer defines me. I learned how to visualize what I wanted. I focused on what made me happy and took the steps needed to get there. I also learned valuable insights about self-love and respect. I found a renewed confidence, clarity, and peace. Sunny’s course was the catalyst that allowed me to feel truly ALIVE again. I am forever grateful to have learned leadership coaching skills through these practical and engaging life coaching courses!”

rachel-streaterRachel Streater

“I am inspired by Dr Sunny Massad’s life and her work in supporting women to achieve success through this institute for life coach training for women. Taking her life coach training gave me the confidence to manifest a dream that had been brewing in my heart for many years. What I learned in this coach training was both practical and useful in helping me to achieve my professional goals. The step-by-step instruction on “how to create my own business” was not something they taught in graduate school. This life coaching training was exactly the support that I needed to move forward.”

Vishaka JokielVishaka Devi Jokiel, MSW, LCSW

“This life coach training was brilliant, practical, and yet transformative in just the right ways to give me the confidence and skills I needed to start my practice!”

Darcy Psihos

“Before I started track 2 I was very keen to start a new career as some sort of life coach but I was terrified of actually doing it. I now genuinely feel confidant, determined and excited about starting this career. It feels completely achievable and within my reach. I plan to use my skills to inspire others to live mindfully, which will have the added benefit of holding me accountable to living mindfully myself.”

Katy Zwiers

“In this coach training for women, Sunny teaches successful leadership coaching skills that will change your life. After receiving my life coaching diploma, I was able to step into expanding and living my life in brighter, more authentic and inspirational ways.”

joy-alboroJoy Alboro

“This life coach training changed the course of my life! I am doing what I love, making a difference, and am financially sound for the first time in my life! If you are looking for a life coach training that will teach you how to start your own practice, getting a life coaching certification at WLICC is the way to go!”

jessie-mowryJessie Mowry

“I really enjoyed this coaching training for women. I appreciated the flexibility, individualized attention, and the intimacy. The how to start a private practice classes were especially powerful for me in recognizing possible barriers to my success, and gave me confidence, skills, tools and concrete ideas. They moved me into action!”

janet-eblenJanet Eblen, M.A.

“What a difference this life coach training has made in my career. I am able to help my clients have permanent shifts in their thinking and behavior that are profoundly transformative. But most of all, despite getting the life coaching diploma, I am grateful for the personal insights I had about myself.”

kc-carlbergKC Carlberg

“I have spent a lifetime trying to put together the puzzle of how to manifest my heart’s desire. Over time and with the help of great teachers, I have gotten closer and closer, but the puzzle never seemed complete. Sunny has given me the missing pieces. We all know we should love ourselves. This coach training has taught me how to do so in a very tangible manner that allows me to see myself with more compassion. The self-love I have learned to cultivate through this online coach training is truly the biggest missing piece. Unlike other online coaching programs available, the certified life coaching diploma I received from WLICC enabled me to transform myself first.”

patty-almirezPatti Almirez

“I wish conventional ‘higher’ education was more hands-on like this life coaching training for women!”

amyAulii Canencia

“This coach training was just what I needed. Personally transformative tools that help me in my life coach practice.”

alia-zuninAlia Zunin

“I loved your generosity with everything in this life coaching course — material, time, support… Your coach training helped me to live my dream; I am going for it!”

annabohmAnna Sofia Kanti Lunom

“I so appreciate and respect how this work supports women, spirituality, community, and self-development… I’m so glad this life coaching training for women exists! Your life coaching course profoundly touched my life and I am committed to ensure that it touches the lives of the clients I work with, as well.”

jade-youngJade Young, M.Div.

“I learned a lot about myself. I learned ways to help myself so I can help others better. Great life coach training course!  Sunny’s confidence, enjoyment, and faith in the work is a ‘5’ (on a scale of ‘3’)”at this institute for life coach training.”

dondra-roseDondra Rose

“This life coaching training was just what I needed to take my work to its next level. If you are looking for an institute for life coach training that is both transformative and practical, I highly recommended that you take both the Learn How to Coach and Consult track as well as the How to Start a Private Practice track. You will learn everything you need to know to start a successful private practice as a life coach.”

Cindy2Cindy Harris

“Attending this institute for life coach training was the best decision I ever made!”

dawn-gold-reillyDawn Gold Reilly

“This is a leadership coaching program that is powerfully transforming! It is exciting to take what I learned at this institute for life coach training and share it with my own clients.”

CynthiaCynthia Yamasaki

“This online coaching program rocked my world! I learned leadership coaching skills that have already beefed up my resume and enhanced my career!”


Elizabeth Shara

“I was blown away by the personal transformation that occurred during this training and highly recommend studying under Sunny Massad.”


Jennifer Telford

“Sunny is a person I really love to watch and learn from.  I have no idea how I stumbled on this training.  Although I had completed a few others, something was missing. Hence, I found myself looking for more. I can’t tell you how many times I put down her book after reading a chapter or finishing a lesson, only to find myself pacing in my living room, thinking ‘Yes! This is it.’  I’m a huge fan.”

annaCarol Metanczuk

“During my training with Sunny she would challenge me with very difficult questions to ensure that we were firm in our beliefs and our direction. No waffling! Through this intense work, I got clear on my desires and feel so much more able to help my clients now to move them in the direction of their goals and dreams. Thank you, Sunny, for the effective mentoring and leadership that you have shown me and giving me wings to fly as well!”


Kim Saunders, M.Ed.

“This life coach training was brilliant, practical, and yet transformative in just the right was to give me the confidence and skills I needed to start my practice!”


Amy Morikami

“You are a person I really love to watch and learn from, in person training would have been an amazing experience and opportunity.  I’m certain I am one of many with that opinion.  No idea how I stumbled on your training.  I had completed a few others but something was missing – hence looking for more.  And I can’t tell you how many times I put down your book after reading a chapter, or finishing a lesson and pacing in my living room thinking YES!  That’s it.  So I’m a huge fan,and what a fool not to pass up an opportunity to have space with you”

Over 200 women have graduated from the Women’s Leadership Institute. We would love to add you as an alumni. Register to learn effective coaching skills that other online coaching programs simply can’t offer.  Because traditional life coaching courses are geared toward men and most coach trainings are taught by life coaches who do not have degrees in psychology, you will thrive under the mentorship of Dr. Sunny Massad. If you are seeking an online life coaching program that will not only provide you with a life coaching certification but also provide you with a meaningful career, we are confident you will find what you are looking for at the Women’s Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching, llc.

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