Track 2: How to Start, Market, and Run a Private Practice

Track 2: How to Start, Market, and

Run a Private Practice

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Do you learn best by doing? This Life Coach Career training will mentor you to walk your talk

Track 2 – The Private Practice Entrepreneur Training, “How to Start, Market, and Run a Private Practice” includes:

• PowerPoint lectures given by Sunny Massad.
• A step-by-step instruction manual.
• A workbook filled with dozens of exercises to help you get clear about what you’ll want to do with your newly acquired life coaching skills and how to do it in a way that works for you.
• One-on-one mentoring with the faculty mentor of your choosing, either Sunny Massad or Jessie Mowry, to help you clarify your vision and ensure that your plan for executing that vision is exciting enough that you will follow through on it.
• Twice-a-month calls with your faculty mentor, either Sunny Massad or Jessie Mowry, both entrepreneurs who ran their own private practices. to ensure that your business strategy makes sense for your particular location and unique skill-set.

Who should take this Life Coach Career training?

Most graduates, even from graduate schools in psychology, don’t learn how to start, market, or run their own private practices. The Life Coach certification part of the training will teach you coaching skills that will greatly enhance your resume if you want to use them to move into managerial or other leadership positions, and will prepare you to open your own private practice if you decide to do that. Track 2 is an optional bonus training that will teach you how to start a private practice as a Life Coach or Consultant, whether you choose to do that on a part-time or full-time basis. You will learn practical entrepreneurial skills that will help you to run a successful coaching business – even on a shoestring budget!

What will I learn in this Online Life Coach Business Training?

This is an experiential learning environment where you will determine how much you want and need to earn, how many clients or students you would need to procure to meet those financial goals, and how to implement your own customized plan to ensure ongoing success as a professional life coach or business consultant.

“You will break through your limiting beliefs about money and what you are capable of becoming. Together, we will find solutions to handle your fears and concerns until you feel safe to proceed.” Sunny Massad

How is this Private Practice Training Unique?

The focus of Track 2: How to Start, Run, and Market a Private Practice is to help you to overcome obstacles that might prevent you from enhancing the lives of others, both as a coach and also as a role model.

Because most women attracted to the coaching profession are motivated by an authentic desire to help others, we do not rely on “hard sell tactics.” We will help you find ways to market your life coaching business that align with your values so that any aversion to sales and marketing doesn’t deter you from creating a successful career that honors your inner calling.

What will I learn in the “How to Start a Private Practice” Training?

This is a hands-on, self-reflective practicum specifically designed to help you decide whether to start your own private practice, what to specialize in, and how to get the word out. We will discuss how keywords and initial website development will determine where you’ll appear in an online search, what to do with business cards and brochures, where to find the type of clients you want to work with, how much to charge, how to find your perfect niche (regardless of competitors in your area), whether to offer classes or other materials to create an ancillary income stream, where to have your office, how to handle phone inquiries, how to handle discounts, how to determine if a client is right for you, how to start a mail list, whether to start a blog, and anything else you might particularly want to focus on. We customize this class for to meet the particular needs of each student. We highly recommend that our students create their businesses as they learn so they can utilize the assistance and expertise of their faculty mentor. Our goal is to insure that every student who graduates feels confident and able to start, market, and run her own successful business as a certified life coach or professional consultant.

Course Requirements

a) Required Reading & Listening

There are no textbooks or quizzes in Track 2. This is an experiential “roll up your sleeves and design your ideal practice” training. There are many fill-in-the-blank pages in the workbook that you will be asked to fill out as homework and email to Sunny Massad for valuable mentoring.

b) The Workbook & Live Audio Lectures

You will have both a hard copy and a downloadable version of an extensive Workbook for this track. The PowerPoint lectures are elaborations of each page in the Workbook.

c) Listen to PowerPoint Lectures as you follow along with pages in your workbook

As you listen to the lectures, the pages that are discussed will pop up on your computer screen so that you never lose track.


Course Syllabus

MODULE 1     Examining Your Beliefs

MODULE 2     Attracting What You Believe, Say, and Do

MODULE 3     Exploring Career Opportunities

MODULE 4     Committing to Success: Turning Your Vision into Step-by-Step Goals

MODULE 5     Finding Your Niche Market

MODULE 6     Ensuring Success: Placing Your Plan into a Timeline

MODULE 7     Personalized Mentoring with Sunny Massad