Life Coach Training

WLICC Certified Wellness Counselors and Life Coaches from Around the Globe 

The Women’s Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching llc (WLICC) emphasized the natural qualities of nurturing, compassion, and attention to the needs of others. UnTherapy, Sunny Massad’s trademarked system of positive psychology, based on her book by the same name, served as the foundational structure in which hundreds of certified life coaches set up their own successful private practices as peer mentors.

What did the Tuition Cover?

Tuition covered both Track 1 and Track 2. Students graduated as certified life coaches and consultants after taking Track 1: Learn How to Coach and Consult. Track 2 was an optional track that taught the logistics of starting, marketing, and running a private life coaching practice. But whether a student wanted to start their own private life coaching practice or not, after learning the coaching and consulting skills in Track 1, Track 2 provided a useful practicum that helped graduates to explore innovative ways to earn a living using their life coaching skills. So whether graduates decided to start a private practice as a counselor, life coach, or consultant, Track 2 was invaluable in helping them to explore numerous different career options that their certification afforded them. Many of our students went on to become teachers, bloggers, authors, trainers of workshops or retreats, and leaders of support groups as complimentary side careers to their private practices as wellness counselors.


What distinguished WLICC from other online Life Coach Certification schools?

Our school was designed for women by a woman. There was no possibility of becoming lost or unnoticed. Dr. Sunny Massad, a psychologist known for her warmth, wit, and candor, knows from her own experience that students need to be able to log in at their own pace whenever they can find the free time. She also believes that women learn best when personally mentored. For this reason, Sunny Massad personally served as a personal and professional development coach for each student that enrolled.

Videos of Sunny Massad conducting actual coaching sessions along with PowerPoint presentations from recorded lessons of live classes kept students stimulated and engaged.  Whether potential students were looking to learn life coaching skills to elevate them into a leadership position by beefing up their confidence and their resumes, or whether they had a dream of running a successful private practice, their specialization was based on personal life experience.  


Click on Each Track Below to Discover What you Will Learn in Each:

 Track 1: Learn How to Coach and Consult

Track 2: Learn How to Start, Market and Run a Private Practice


Should YOU Become a Certified Life Coach?

1. Do you feel a calling to contribute in a more meaningful way than you presently are able?

Conscious life coaching provides practical skills to help you to help others transform their lives in a healthy and balanced way.

2. Do you long for a more fulfilling career that can generate a generous income even if you only work at it part time?

Professional consultants and certified life coaches are one of the fastest growing and highly paid professions. 

3. Do you crave more positive and intimate connections with others?

The very act of learning life coaching skills will change the level of intimacy you have with yourself first and also provide the confidence and direction to connect more intimately with others.

4. Do you long to find a life coaching school that stands the test of time?

Dr. Sunny Massad taught conscious life coaching for over twenty years. She customized the curriculum to be both personally and professionally transforming for each individual student. Our online learning platform provided the freedom and convenience that our busy students hailed as being the “only way they could have managed to become certified life.”

5. Do you dream of becoming a certified life coach but feel fearful about whether or not you will succeed?

If you learn best by being coached one-on-one rather than in a group setting, if you would like to have someone hold you accountable to ensure that you graduate and get your new business up and running, find a mentor to coach you through.