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Have a Group of Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders in Your Neighborhood?
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Want an Even More Accelerated and One-on-One Training Program at Your Doorstep?

If you and three friends want to acquire new self-empowerment tools that will develop your leadership competencies and ensure that you reach your personal goal to become a successful life coach or consultant, you might consider bringing Dr. Sunny Massad’s accelerated Life Coach Certification Training to your town.

Get a minimum of 4 life coaching students together that have a strong desire to meet their personal goals to have a career as a certified life coach or professional development consultant, and Sunny Massad will come to your location to teach and mentor your group. She will personally teach a 10-day Intensive of her Life Coaching program: “Learn How to Coach or Consult.”

This is a unique opportunity for those seeking an accelerated life coach training to experience first-hand, the dynamic teaching of Sunny Massad and to receive personal mentoring with her. She will teach you how to provide life-altering life coaching services with a wellness-orientation. As is the case with her online training, each life coach student will have an opportunity to work on their personal goals, develop their leadership competencies, and enhance their self-empowerment skills.

Women's Leadership
This "live option" of the life coach training program has not only produced hundreds of certified life coaches but has also resulted in creating strong bonds between individuals who graduate together! Conscious coaching is a valuable counseling method that creates leaders. Let us provide you with the knowledge, techniques, and confidence-building that is necessary to become a successful life coach or professional development consultant.

The cost for the accelerated live version of the Life Coach Certification Training is $5,000 per person. Any potential life coach student who provides a place to hold the coaching trainings will receive a 50% discount on their own tuition costs!

10-Day Intensive Live Life Coach Training Opportunity
The “Learn How to Coach and Consult” training is taught over a 10-day period that includes a 2 Friday nights, 2 Saturdays, 2 Sundays, and one Wednesday night between the two weekends. It is an intensive life coach training specifically designed for women who have a passion to enhance their own self-empowerment skills and leadership competencies.

Students will be required to read two compact textbooks between classes and, in addition to the practice sessions during class time, will conduct at least 4 practice sessions on practice clients outside of class during that time.

Call the Women’s Leadership Institute of Conscious Coaching at 808-842-6611 if you would like to bring Sunny Massad to your local town to teach the Life Coaching & UnTherapy skills to the women in your community.

If you are ready to learn simple to execute strategies for materializing your goals, connect with us through the CONTACT page on the website.

Life Coach Live Training Option
Fasttrack your personal goals by bringing the women's leadership institute to your town.